If you were told you could only communicate and walk life with 5 people, do you know who you would choose?

It’s a bit of an odd question … but maybe not as much as you might first think.

You see, the five people you spend the most time with have a profound impact on how you choose to live and the direction you will take.

Have you ever felt that?

Ever notice that you start responding in the same ways as your friends?

Maybe you start to get frustrated about the same things, laugh at the same things, and even seem to be walking through similar hardships together.

Or maybe, it’s feels more like a disconnect with friends you may hang out with too much!  You can feel that you are not heading down the same path, and you more often than not feel annoyed in the conversation.

Now change that to the friends that you feel energized after you are with them. 

You laugh more often. 

You dream together.

You find yourself saying, “yes!” when you are with them.

They push you to be your best and you feel safe with them even when you’re not your best.

I bet you can even feel the difference reading the two descriptions!

I’ve felt the difference.  I have left having lunch with a friend shaking my head, or feeling “less than”, and I have left feeling like I could do anything!  

Honestly, sometimes we need to borrow someone else’s confidence in us until we have enough of our own. 

A great quote by Jim Rohn says, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

I believe it because I have seen the difference.

The past few years, and even more so in the past year, I have seen the radical difference those you align yourself with, and spend time with, impact how you show up in your own life.

The benefit to age is that we hopefully learn as we grow. 

I know as I’ve gotten older, and walked some hard paths, I have less tolerance for the non important stuff.  I don’t like hypothetical conversations, I don’t have time for shallow conversations, and I don’t like to pretend.  

Maybe it’s because my hard times have developed a lack of patience in me, or maybe I know the difference and don’t want to waste my time.

So who do you want to walk through life with?

Who inspires you?

Motivates you?

Holds you to your best?

The people you spend the most time will impact who you are, and who you are becoming.

Who are the five people you want impacting your life, and whose life do you want to impact?

 ~ You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with ~

What does your average look like?





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