Life Plan Program

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How often do you wonder about where you want to go but you just feel stuck and unsure how to get there?  How would it feel to wake up knowing that the plan you had for your day included the things that were most important to you, instead of items that simply needed to be done? To know the clarity moving forward that will give you the confidence to get unstuck and lean in to who you most want to be in all areas of your life.  

The Life Plan Program helps you chart your course and gives you a practical personal and professional step by step road map.  It gives you the clarity of where you want to be so you can navigate the steps forward from today and begin to shift to a life you love. You will find the clarity of who you are and who you want to be, to get you to the sweet spot of living and leading a life of simple and clear purpose.  To lead your life instead of your life leading you. 

8 weeks of personal coaching that will equip and guide you to design a plan that gives you the courage to move past the question of what is next, and lean in to a life that reflects your potential, talents and strengths.  You’ll find the difference you want to make and the legacy you want to leave, and you’ll know how to get there.

The truth is, when you grow personally you grow in all areas, but you need a plan to navigate and recalculate to get the results you deeply desire.

LPP will help you see what you can’t see, discover the clarity of when to say no in order to say your best yes, conquer the self-sabotage, and what to let go of to get what you want. If you are unsure of what your next chapter will look like, but know that you want to live it with clear and simple purpose, then this program is for you!


Your Life Plan Program:

Week 1:  Discover & Design.  This week is all about discovering your desired destination and legacy so you can design your personal road map.  This week you’ll see what you haven’t seen.

Week 2:  Priorities with Purpose.  Identify the areas of your life that are truly most important to you so you can move past the distractions and uncertainty that leave you overwhelmed and well, just simply tired.

Week 3:  It Starts Here.  Your today is the first day towards tomorrow.  Directions begin with the starting point and you will get super clear on where your road map will begin so you can choose the best route forward.

Week 4: Course Commitments.  This week pulls it all together and helps you discover and create your course.  You will have all you need to get beyond any turns, twists, or detours along the way.

Weeks 5-8:  Let’s get going!  In weeks 5-8 we work through what is holding you back, conquer limiting beliefs, and set strategic steps to keep you on track.  Move past imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs that are holding you back, wasted time, and the question of who you truly are, so you can see yourself with self awareness, leadership, strength, and courage.



  • 8 weeks of weekly 1:1 coaching by zoom, phone or in person
  • Life Plan workbook allowing you to implement key steps
  • Worksheets and exercises that will become resources and tools moving forward
  • Practical steps to identify and conquer what has been holding you back.
  • A StrengthsFinder full assessment
  • Vision Board workshop ticket
  • Support to create a life plan that will leave you feeling prepared and excited for what is next.
  • Payment plan available

Value:  $9,997.00 for a cost of 1,997.00.   

Payment plans available.

A plan that will help you show up and step into a life you love and with clarity, confidence, and courage:  Priceless


The Life Plan Program is for you!  To help you get unstuck and move forward through transitions, life changes, new seasons, and  live with clarity, confidence, and courage in all areas of your life … it’s a ripple effect.  Discover personally and professionally the clarity of where you want to be, why it matters, and how to get there.  

“It’s so easy to lose yourself in the midst of investing so much time and energy into others. What I truly want is to reflect on what is most important to me and set a course forward so I can move into a new season of life as my best me.” ~ Holly

  It begins with you.