What is the most important thing you invest in?

Your house? Retirement? Time? Relationships?  … maybe your kids?

Our culture talks so much about having financial security in retirement years, and how to invest wisely to combat rising interest rates.  

The fear reactions we have seen in the past year reflects fear of change and lack of preparation for fluctuations.

Investments you make go up and down, often not up quick enough.

Maybe you purchased RESPs for your children’s education, RRSPs for retirement years, or even TFSAs for travelling and fun years.

But how do you feel when I ask how you invest in you?

Now I’ve got you uncomfortable.

“Who me?”, you ask.

Yup, you.  

You’ve heard it before … if you don’t invest in yourself you can’t be any good for others.   Like putting the oxygen on yourself first in a plane.

So why does it seem so hard to do?

Women by nature are nurturing.  Most of our lives are about taking care of others.  

It’s why my friends in their fifties find it so difficult to accept help, even when they need it.  Yet they want to help me.  

Certainly the last person they are caring for is themself.  Especially when they are in a time when they are caring for adult children, grandchildren, and aging parents.  When do they even have time?

I believe it is also why women become who they were meant to be in their fifties. 

You know, and I know, that is when our health steps in and makes us care for ourselves. Our bodies tell us.

But what if, what if we could learn to invest in ourselves before we got to that point?  

Before you lost yourself?

Before you felt stuck?

Before you froze up when you thought about next steps?

And before you wondered if “they” even need you anymore?

Your best investment?  You.

You are your best investment because you are usually who is neglected and pushed aside.

After all, everything else is so much more urgent.  

Until it isn’t.

 An investment means putting something aside for future need.    

It is forward thinking.  Preparation.  Readiness for times of need.

Running in the rat race is not how you run a marathon.  The rat race is run on a circle and a marathon has a path, a route, and a focus.

Investing in yourself is finding the clarity of what you value, so you can step into it.

It’s knowing your priorities so you know where to lean in. 

So you know where you want to say yes, and why it matters.

To experience the rest that will recharge … just like a Tesla!

To enable you to do the things that are most important to you with energy, passion, and appreciation.

Investing in yourself in any area will help you gain clarity moving forward and build the confidence that you can adapt, conquer, and grow.

It’s a ripple effect.

Clarity, self-awareness, and self-leadership in one area will ripple into other areas of your life. 

Like the focus on one dream has on the rest of your big dreams … work on one and watch how many you reach.

Your best investment?

Without question, you!

If you know you need to invest in yourself but you’re not sure where to start, let’s chat and get you started.