What would it look like if your life looked like your closet?

Would you get rid of the old before you added the new, or would you keep adding to it?

Imagine with me for a minute what it would look like if you just kept adding and adding without ever taking anything out?

Maybe you switch your clothes over each season and put the summer and winter clothes away so you have room.

Or maybe you’re like me and you actually don’t have enough clothes to worry about switching them out … and instead find yourself simply adding without purging because you think there is still room.

After all, what if you lose the weight and fit back into the clothes you hesitate to give away?  Or what if the clothes you are keeping come back into style?

It’s like you have imposter syndrome and people pleasing right in your very own closet.

Truth is, just like our closets can so easily get cluttered without purging what we have collected, our lives and minds can get just as cluttered as we say yes to all the amazing things we want to do, and all the activities we think we should do.

You carry the hurtful comment someone said to you in elementary school.

You haven’t forgotten the feeling of disappointment you felt when you let a loved one down and now you feel like you will never get it right.

You believe the backlash insult said to you years ago and live like it was true all along.

Unless we purge and get rid of the old, we just keep piling it up and it becomes harder and harder to find what we need, or want, to move forward.

And just like the closet design I dream of putting into place, a life design and plan helps you to live a life true to yourself instead of what you think others want from you.

The thing is, when you keep adding to your closet and try to do it and keep it all, you end up making trade-offs you would never normally make for the things you value the most.

When you keep saying yes to what others ask of us, we choose trade offs that get further and further from who we want to be.

As the saying goes … If you don’t plan your life, others will plan it for you.

What would your dream closet look like?

How many sections would you choose to use?

What would the sections contain?

What would the lighting in the closet shine on?

What would you need to get rid of to have a newly organized closet?

How would it feel to walk into your new closet, that so beautifully shows the things you have decided to keep and display?

Where would your eyes go to first?

Imagine how much quicker it would take to find what you need, and what you want to show up for your day and lean in as your best you when you can find it easily.

If you want a closet that represents who you are you need to purge the old and ineffective things.  

If you want a mind that helps you show up for your day as your best you need to get rid of the lies that hold you back and are outdated.  The things that were said years ago simply are outdated and probably never did fit you right to begin with.

You’ve heard of the extreme makeover process of keep, borrow, and get rid of …

Keep the things you value and want to be intentional about, borrow and act on the person you want to be, and get rid of all that holds you back and the stories that are just that, stories.

Then walk into your new closet, pick the outfit that will help you be your best you, and walk into your day with purpose and intention.

~ Clarity builds confidence, and confidence brings courage ~

Give yourself the space and permission to be your best you in your best outfit of the day.

If you want help planning your closet of life, click here for our Life Plan Program.