Helping you see what you can’t see so you can be who you want to be.


Life Coaching


Define Your Purpose

What if your purpose is more important and more impactful now than it ever was? If you could move through the uncertainty or fear and thrive with authenticity, would you be willing to take the steps?

Find Clarity

Are you looking for the clarity to move from where you are to where you want to be? Our past impacts our present but clarity can take you into the future with confidence.

Build Confidence

Our journey through life, as we move from one stage to the next, can leave us feeling disconnected, unsure, or with a lack of confidence.  As you discover your clarity you build your confidence.


When we discover and redefine who we were made to be, and who we want to be, we find the confidence to shift into living that fearlessly.


Personal, Group & Team, Mastermind

Coaching is the process of stepping outside your present comfort with someone guiding you to gain clarity and confidence moving forward. It is being crystal clear on who you want to be, so you can be your best you!

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Life Plan Program

Chart Your Course

An 8 week coaching program that will help you move from where you are to where you want to be. You will design a personal roadmap that will help you discover where you want to go, know who you want to be, and gain the clarity and  confidence to get there.

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Bloom is a monthly subscription that will give you the steps, 1on1 coaching, and resources you need to live with fearless confidence day by day.   Bloom
from where you are and thrive forward.


Join With Confidence

Ignite Your Confidence Digital Academy

Spark a fearless version of you and feel the excitement again.

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5 Powerful Reasons: Why You Need to Know Your Purpose


“Janice coached me while I was dealing with my separation/divorce and post-divorce. When my world around me collapsed, was out of focus, confusing and otherwise overwhelming, Janice had the ability to cut through the emotions and keep me focused on strategic next steps. Janice helped me develop the ability to recognize and deal with harmful emotions/thoughts that inhibited my reasoning process and thus enabled me to find my strength to step out with courage.”

— Jane

“Janice is a woman of great wisdom and insight. Her heart for other women and desire for them to be brave, to find their life purpose and to live it out with practical tools and goals is her passion. Any of her workshops, vision boards, conferences or webinars are presented professionally, integrally, and with the intent to equip. I would highly recommend Janice Stone Life Coach to anyone who is searching for meaning and direction on next steps with purpose.”

— Cyndi

“Janice is extremely compassionate and empathetic to all of her clients. She takes the time to understand your situation and find practical solutions to help you take bold steps. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in a rut who says “I wish I had done that differently”, or “I just don’t know what to do”.”

— Jennifer

“The Power of Purpose Masterclass was great! It has provided me with renewed sense of purpose in my life and provide a great space to explore my place in the world and set goals for myself. I feel renewed and empowered after taking this class. I would 100% recommend.”

— Erika