What is the first thing that  comes into your mind when you hear that you are “made for more”?

Do you roll your eyes and think someone is just a little over excited and shouldn’t pressure you?

Or do you feel the pull, the draw, of wanting to be more?

Guess what? You are made for more!

How does that make you feel?

Did you just read that as you should be more? That you should do  more?

I get it,   I think that is what most women hear.

I believe you were made for more … and here is how I know it:

You are unique, and the only one who can do you.  The natural pull is to look at people we admire and try to be more like them.  You feel you should, and want to be.  The “more” you are made to be is more of you.  Authentic you.  Uniquely you.  

Imposter syndrome is real.  You feel a tug inside to be more but you hold yourself back when you fall into the belief that you are an imposter.  You think you are not deserving, or capable.  I promise you you are.  Under the imposter syndrome is a desire to be more.

You are focused on your roles.  Empty nesters feel unsettled because their roles change, and when the roles change they lose the feeling of being needed.  As long as the roles are there we feel a fulfillment, a purpose, a need.  The role itself will never be the fulfillment, it is your why that will give you the purpose and fulfillment.

You get so caught up all the yeses you miss the alignment.  You’ve heard it before, but we all have the same 24 hours in our day.  Not one of us can say yes to everything.  The “more” actually speaks into the alignment, not the activity.  It’s not about doing more, it’s about being more you. Your best you.

We (yup, me too) so easily get caught up in trying to be all that we feel we are missing, and then we end up exhausted and overwhelmed.

What if you were made for more of you? 

More of the clarity of who you were made to be.

More understanding of your unique skills and talents.

More of aligning your yeses with your core values.

More of being so clear on your personal passions and purpose that you drop the guilt and pressure to do more.

More discovery of how to chart a course and lead a life you love because you are living more of you.

Your best you.

Your authentic you.

More of discovering how your next season fits you, instead of trying to fit into your next season.

More of leading your life, instead of your life leading you.

More of intentional intentionality.

More leaning in and showing up as the woman you want to be, in the exact season you are in right now. 

A young Mom who knows that her days are the most impactful and important days to the little ones she is raising.

A professional who is clear on where she wants to be in her career, but more than that, she knows why.  The difference it makes and why it matters.

The middle age woman who feels the shift and designs a roadmap she can live with confidence and courage.

The retiree who leans in where she is and sees her days as the most important and impactful.

More of you.

Because you were made for more. 

I know you were made for more because I know you were made on purpose, with purpose, and for a purpose.  emoji-timeline

If you need help in defining and discovering a personal roadmap of how you were made for more, let’s chat.