What kind of noise do you listen to every day?

I am pretty sure I have hearing aids now because of all the amazing music I listened to as I was driving.  The music wasn’t the problem, but the volume sure was. 

Anyone else enjoy some great 70’s music at full volume?

Maybe your noise is the sound of zoom calls.

Maybe it the expectations you are listening to from others.

Or maybe it’s the laughter and chatter of small grandchildren.

Did you know that whatever noise you listen to, whatever noise is going into your ears every day, is the noise that will determine how you show up each day?

Maybe it’s even a lack of noise that is getting into your head.

One of the things I hear from empty nesters that they miss the most is the lack of activity in the house and people coming and going.

That I totally get.

I used to love to drive my teens and their friends around, let them play their music, and listen to their conversations.  They say if you want to know what is going on in your kid’s lives, just drive them places.  They talk like you aren’t even in the car, and often talk with you with no barriers (I will be putting this into practice when my grandkids get old enough too!).

The thing is, whatever noise you are listening to will shape your day, and who you are becoming.  

Pretty empowering.

You may have gone right towards the negative and thought instantly of all the things you listen to as noise in a negative way, and yes those are there.

But what if you realize noise can be positive, empowering, and inspirational?

We can choose noise that is loud, distracting, comparative, limiting, and negative … or, we can find the noise that moves us forward.

Coffee with friends that won’t let you settle.

Life-long learning that reminds you who you can be.  Podcasts, audio books, movies, courses, or conferences.

Music that inspires, energizes, or motivates you … like some of that great 70’s music!

Mentors, accountability partners, and experts that can help you find the information and maybe a push that will move you toward your potential and be your best you.

The wonderful thing is that we get to choose what noise we use, and if we will use it to help us lead our life, rather than hold us back or distract us.

Going forward, the noise you choose to have around you will determine which direction you take and who you become.

Which noise will you listen to?


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