“There are just so many options!  Which one do I choose?” 

How do you know when to stop doing one good thing to begin another?  I mean, they’re all good, right?

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons you can feel overwhelmed and confused is too many good options?

Sounds a little like “too much of a great thing”, doesn’t it?

A client just said to me this week as we discussed her desire for clarity and purpose, “There just are so many things I love to do.  I don’t know which ones to choose!”

I’ve been there, and I’m sure you have too.

Imagine receiving 5 special invitations for social celebrations for 5 closest friends that are all happening at the same time.  Which one would you choose?  Who would you choose to disappoint?  There’s that overwhelm and confusion …

Not knowing what your next steps are does not mean you have no idea, but more likely means you have too many ideas.

So how do you choose?  

How do you make sure you are choosing the things that align with what is most important to you?

We so easily gather and grow, but don’t pause and reflect.

Do you feel like a hoarder of the good things, and you’re just running out of room?

You need to start with clarity.  It is hard to know what is most important to choose if you have not identified what is most important to you.  Here’s where the pause and reflect comes in.  You may be relieved to know that none of us can do it all.  Yup, it’s not just you.  I struggled leaving a job I really enjoyed, with people I loved working with, but once I clarified that starting my own business would help more women and bring bigger impact than working for someone else could, I knew what my best yes was.

When we clarify the great, then we know what good to say no to, even if it’s just for now.

The why behind the what will be a guide.  Most likely the reason you are confused is you aren’t sure of your why.  It becomes a filter and framework that can help guide you with choices and time commitments. Why do all the things sounds so great?  Why do they pull at your heart?  Why do they matter?  What difference will they make?

Eliminate the noise.  I am guessing that you are feeling overwhelmed because there are a lot of voices talking to you.  They may be voices of expectations, voices of opinion, voices of pressure, or voices of pleasing.  They could be voices from your past or your present.  They may even be voices from others or voices from yourself.  If you are feeling confused and overwhelmed there are too many voices.  

It’s always surprising how much the clarity will give you your why, and eliminate the noise … or at least soften it!

There is so much we can do, but we can not do it all.  And we can not all do the same things.

Start with finding your clarity, make sure you know your why, and then identify the voices that add to the confusion so you can shift them and prioritize the things that are most important to who you want to be.

Be a woman on a mission, just be clear on what your mission is.

Make sure your yes, is your best yes!

If you are desiring more clarity but not sure where to start, let’s chat.






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