Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to reach your biggest dream?

… and that’s where you stop.

I mean, let’s be real, you probably won’t get there anyway, right?

Not true.

What is true, is that you can start to act and be before you are there … before you even feel that you are there.

That feels backwards doesn’t it?

It’s more forward than you can imagine.

I say that because it is the imagining that often stops us.

We can’t imagine being there, where we want to be or who we want to be, because we aren’t there yet and it seems far from “here”.

Let me encourage you, that if you can imagine it, you can get there.

Our minds can picture it but we decide it is too big, too much of a stretch, too far, too grandiose, or even too selfish, to act upon.

It’s funny how we do that to ourselves.

We imagine it and we dream it, but then we talk ourselves out of it.

Maybe you just don’t have the confidence, or maybe you are listening to someone else’s words about your dreams.

Interesting thing about confidence is that it is built by taking the action and is rarely there before you begin.

You build confidence by taking the steps.

That is the very reason that I help my clients discover clarity first and then conquer all those stories and narratives we all carry forward with us and allow to impact how we move forward.

Once you conquer the voices in the back of your head and the language you use with yourself you can start moving.

I bet you can picture exactly what I mean.

You want the dream, when you think of it you might even smile, but you don’t feel confident even to move on it yet.

Maybe when you are more confident, or have better skills, or have more things in place … then you start acting on it.

Did you know that you do not have to be the woman you want to be, or be where you want to be to start acting on it?

To start acting as if.

I heard it said many years ago that if you want to be ______ – what ever that is – than start acting as if you are there, or her.

Here’s an example …

I have an affirmation, a goal of living as a “woman who loves radically with grace.”

My affirmation card says “I am a woman who loves radically with grace.” That can be with my children, towards Steve, or any other friends and family.

It means that I want to show up as a woman who doesn’t love in a way that is fair and expected, I want to love bigger than that … radically.

So when situations arise, when conflicts or hardships come, when decisions have to be made, I filter it through who I want to be.

I ask myself, “how would a woman who loves radically with grace love in this situation? What would her decision and response be?”.

Then I need to make a choice to do the action that would reflect who I want to be.

I choose the radical love.

Let’s be real, I don’t always nail it.

Sometimes it takes longer than other times , but rarely am I right there before I act on it.

I need to act first, before I feel like I am that woman.

I am practicing, and the more I practice the more I act like the woman I want to be.

You don’t have to be “her”, to act like “her”.

I can act like a successful entrepreneur before I am one.

I can act like a loving wife and Mom before I feel like it.

I can act like a writer before I publish the book.

I can act out in kindness before I feel it.

Where do you need to act before you feel?

What have you been holding yourself back from and need to start taking action on.

The confidence? It comes with the movement.

The action before the feeling.

The big confidence builder.