Notice the title didn’t say the power of woman …

Although, don’t get me wrong, I think a woman is powerful on her own.

But today being International Women’s Day, let’s look at the power of women … plural.

What is it that makes women working together so powerful?

They say that women empower women, and I know that to be true.  I have felt it, I’ve seen it, and I’ve watched it change lives.

There is a strength that appears when we lock arms together, walk the journey together, and allow our experiences and lives intersect and support one another.

Have you ever walked away from a coffee with a girlfriend feeling refreshed, listened to, and motivated?

Do you feel more belief in yourself from a good friend than you feel from yourself?

Have you heard, “I knew you could!”, when you surprised yourself with a big accomplishment?

We so easily get into our own heads, but for some reason, other women see us more clearly.

They steer us in the better direction.

They edit and rewrite the language we are using.

The push us in ways we didn’t think we could move.

Celebrate that today.

Celebrate the power of women to empower women.

Years ago I had a big dream of running the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon.  You know when you say you want to do it, but you really don’t think you can, or ever will?  Yup, that was me. 

We had just come back from a holiday in San Diego and I had observed thousands running the marathon while thousands more encouraged them on.  Families and friends all cheering the participants on to the finish line. 

Fast forward to the moment when a man in a store, who I had never met before, said something to me and it lit me up.  It wasn’t a kind comment and it gave me determination I didn’t think I had!

Have you ever had the moment where you think, “This is it! Just watch me!”.  That was my moment.

But inside, I still believed it was far off.  My belief system wasn’t caught up yet.

Until I told a friend.  Ever been there?  You share something with a friend and all of a sudden you have a accomplish?

My told wanted me to join her in running a 10km run a few months later.  “Impossible”, I said, “there is no way”.

“Just come and join me and see what you can do,” she nudged.

A few months later, not only her and I, but 3 other women joined us and ran a half marathon.  Not just a 10km run, but a 21km run!  

You see, when we had a common dream and shared it with one another we became much more unstoppable.

We planned out our runs, met in the early morning hours in a coffee shop parking lot, and did our runs together.

Women empowering women.

Six months later we took our families on a trip and ran our first full marathon together … 42km!

Together we accomplished far more than I ever would have done if I was trying to do it alone.  Five women and a dog.

We even hit the newspaper!

So on this International Women’s Day let me ask you, who inspires you?

Who pushes you beyond what you think you are capable of?

Who believes in you?

Who do you share your dreams with?

Spend more time with those women.  Share your dreams with them, Be vulnerable with them.

We celebrate women today and all they have accomplished, and we celebrate the women around them.

Let me also ask you, who are you around?

Who do you want to be as a woman?

Who are you encouraging and challenging forward?

Who do you empower?

Those last questions may be the real questions. The bigger questions.

The group of women around you, begins with you.

We begin by knowing what our best looks like and stepping into her.

Redefine the possible and lean in to the women around you.

Let’s celebrate that.

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