You hold on, and breathe in, hoping you will make it. Maybe even let out a scream.

Where did your feelings and thoughts just go?

You’re overwhelmed and don’t know how you will get through this difficult season?

You said too many yeses and now you aren’t sure how you will show up for them all?

Your on an extreme sport adventure that is way outside your box?

Or like me, you are in your car navigating North America’s fastest race track.

The last one really was me.  On an advanced driving weekend at Mosport Race Track.  Second-guessing my decision to be a student, and have my husband as my instructor at every corner.  Don’t get me wrong, he was a great instructor, but he knew he could push me beyond my limits and I would still love him!

Have you ever come to a corner on the road and clenched your fists on the steering wheel, maybe breathed in quickly as you navigated the corner and tried to make sure you stayed on your side of the road?

How about a corner at 150km? You bet, instead of breathing in quickly I was screaming as I took the corner.

Let me be honest though, I have the same reaction in the winter driving every day roads.

Did you know that where your eyes go, the car will go?

When you are going around the next long curve as you’re driving, try it out.  Look ahead at something and notice how you naturally drive to it.  Great driving tip to remember when you are on a one lane highway on a curve in difficult weather or the lights coming at you are making it hard to see.   

In exactly the same way, where our eyes go our body follows.

How we live and lead our lives is directly connected to where our eyes are looking.

Your focus steers you.

It’s why clarity is so crucial to going where you want to go.

Forward thinking takes intention and vision.

Your clarity will give you the courage to take the road you need to take and say yes to what is most important.

Your noes will then become about letting go of the things that hold you back.

The things you are trying to drive around but find that they just make you swerve and struggle to drive in the direction you want to.

You swerve around feeling overwhelmed, having a posture of perfection or at least looking like perfection, the people pleasing and all that comparison you so easily slide into.

Where your eyes go your body will follow.

Your feelings and thoughts will go.

Your decisions and actions will go.

It all starts with where you are looking.

It’s why sometimes you wonder how you got to the place you are at, or why you are responding the way you are. It wasn’t how you thought it would be.

Find your clarity and it will give you the courage you are looking for.

If you need to, remember the picture of me gripping my steering wheel, breathing in and heading towards the corner while my husband reminds me to not brake, but to look ahead, and my adrenaline filled scream because although I am out of my comfort zone, I am loving the accomplishment.

Put your courage into action,

Draw on the confidence that your clarity built, telling you that, ” yes you can!”.

Keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the ride, one corner at a time.

If you would love some helping finding your clarity, I am here.

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