Do you sleepwalk?

Maybe you know someone else who does, or have some pretty funny stories of those who do.

The things people do when they are sleeping and unaware, well, they can be hilarious … or scary, depending on how you look at it.

The question is, are you sleepwalking through life right now?

You see, you sleepwalk where you are comfortable.

You know the territory, and you lived there long enough to navigate it while sleeping..

You know where to turn and where to stop.  Where to find what you are looking for, and how to get back to bed.

You are unaware but can still navigate though it.

It’s comfortable and usually pretty safe.

Until it’s not.

Then it get’s uncomfortable and most likely scary.

What if instead of sleepwalking, you pursued?

What is instead of comfortable you went out on a limb … out of the comfort zone?

What if you went for it? Pursued being you best you.

Think of how you want to be pursued.  Whether that is in a friendship, with family, or in a romantic relationship.

How would you feel if they just slept walked through the relationship?  Kept things the same and did what they were familiar and comfortable with.  You know the line … “I told you I loved you once and if it changes you’ll be the first to know.”

Doesn’t feel very good, does it?

Now think about how you feel when they pursue you … when they go out of their way to do what makes you feel loved, special, and worth it … even when they don’t have to.

Buy you flowers on the way home.

Give you a call or text just to check in.

Do an errand they know will help without you asking them to.

Ok, so here’s the big question …

How do you treat your every day?

How do you treat you?

Do you sleep walk through it, or do you pursue your best?  Your biggest dreams.  Your potential.

I bet I hit a “spot” there didn’t I?

How do I know?  Because I’ve done my share of sleep walking.

It’s why I have such a passion to help women gain awareness and clarity on what matters the most to them and then find the confidence to get to where they want to be and live in alignment with their priorities.

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Do you think others feel this way too?”

How about you?  Do you feel that way?

Like you sleep walk more than you pursue?

Today begins tomorrow and it’s time.

Time to get uncomfortable and act on those desires and dreams you have been sitting on for years because it just wasn’t the right time.

How does the sleep walking feel? 

Like there should be more?  Like you are tired? Overwhelmed?  Disconnected? Unsure?

You naturally want to pursue … you just lack the why and the clarity on how to move.

Let’s do it.

Let wake and start pursuing.  

I know you want to.  I hear the frustration from too many women that they know they want to, but they hold back.  

They don’t like it, but they are sleep walking.

If you would love to start the pursuit, let’s chat.  I know you have exactly what you need to chase after your very best you.

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