What if it’s possible?

or put another way … What could be possible?

What if your biggest dream was possible?

The thing is, what we think is possible begins with what we see.  How we look at the dream and if it’s within our reach.

It’s also where choice comes in.

Did you know that you can choose what you see?  We choose the filters, the focus, and the glasses through which we look at either our every day, or our future.

If you look through the eyes of a Mom, you probably have a perspective of being needed.

If you look through the eyes of your job, you most likely have too many responsibilities at work, or people counting on you to help them reach their goals.  

If you look through the eyes of how you see yourself,  well, I am guessing you lack confidence.

But … what could be possible?

What if that biggest dream you thought of WAS possible?

Let me ask you, what is a dream that you have? 

I’m guessing it is something you have wanted and thought about for a long time, but you have kept it quiet. 

It just feels too unknown to tell others about.  Not yet …

You’ll wait until it feels possible. 

And yet, that is exactly what stops you … it doesn’t feel possible.

It’s not the right time.

It’s too big to reach for yet.

You have other things to do first.

You need to learn more.  

You need to finish what you are doing first.

and the big one … you need to put others first and it just feels too selfish to act on.

It is why I waited until I was 56 before I began my MBA.

It is why my friend took a year to determine when would be the right time to retire.

It’s why my clients are looking for clarity and purpose in their life in their fifties.

Too many people depending on us.

Too much change and too much uncertainty.

Let’s go back to … what if it is possible?

What would change then?

What if the change, the dream, the possibility, would help us to live out what is truly most important to us?

What is it helped us help others?

What do YOU see as possible?

The filter you look through when looking at your future gives you the vision you will see.

We go where we focus.  We move towards what we see.

It’s about what your vision is.

That mean’s you need to get super clear.

Why does it matter?

What would change if you reach your dream?

What if it really is possible?

I promise you, it is. I can promise that because it is you that holds yourself back.

It’s why vision boards are so effective … and why they work.

Vision boards are so powerful and life changing becausetheye give you a vision.  A vision of what is most important to you and how that would feel to live it out.

Vision boards work because they help you see what is possible, why it matters, and to keep your eyes on the goal.

How we live and how we lead is directly connected with our vision of what we see as possible.

… or if we are willing to step forward anyway.

Back to the question … what if it was possible?

What would that change in your day tomorrow? 

Would it change how you show up?

Would it change how you lean in?

Would it change what you reach for?

Would it change your “to do” list?

Tomorrow is the first day of your biggest dreams.

Live and lead through the eyes of what is possible, and go make the changes in the world that will make the difference you want to make.

If that feels too overwhelming, pick one dream and then choose one step towards it.

It is possible.

If you want help in discovering what is possible and big dreams you would love to step towards , I am here to help.



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