Have you ever been driving down the road on a nice easy trip and then experienced a flat tire?

Flat tires require that we pull over and off the road as soon as we can, and often involves a long wait until we can replace the tire with one that has the air in it that it needs.

A tire can’t perform the way it is meant to when it has an uneven amount of air in it and does not run on an even circular motion.

Think of a bike tire and the thump, thump, thump it would produce when it is uneven … it becomes ineffective and useless.

Funny enough, that is how we so often try and run our own lives, on a flat tire.

We don’t stop long enough to repair what needs fixing because we simply do not have the time.

We don’t pour the air into the tire as we go along but rather assume that all is good … and we keep on going.

Think of a bike tire with all it’s spokes.

If each spoke represented a specific area in your life, would your spokes be all different lengths or would they be in balance?

Do you have a plan for your life that looks at the spokes and tires before your journey and ensures they are balanced and maintained or are you just hoping they will last the journey and get you there?

Imagine your life as a tire.  

Have an uneven amount of air in it, and you’ll feel it.

If your life was a picture of a tire with spokes, would the spokes be the same length, or would they all be different lengths and running more like a tire losing air?

It may be time for your own life plan … one that will give you the focus and assessment to make the difference you want to make and hold true to what matters the most to you.

A personal life plan gives you the picture and awareness of where to add air, and invest, in each area of your life.  It helps you keep the balance and gives you the clarity moving forward that so you can shape your life and ride with confidence.

You see, creating a plan will help you design purpose and give you the steps to live it with action.

It is what helps you live proactively, while confidently pursuing the goals and dreams that lead your life.

It helps us respond with discernment and preparation in each level and area of our life.

You may be great at planning a vacation, kid’s activities, or work schedules, but I am guessing you are not so great at life planning.  I say that because you are reading this blog post which tells me you want to grow …

Life planning just simply doesn’t occur to us in a way that planning activities in our lives that focus around others does.

Time just passes so quickly.

Things have gone pretty well up to now.

We aren’t sure where we are drifting and where we are focused.

Life is complicated and we’re not sure where we are on the map.

We aren’t sure how to get back on the path … and where we got off.

You may not even know where you need to go to get back to enjoying life and what would feel natural to you.

I get it.

I had a time in my life coming out of betrayal and rejection where I didn’t know where to focus, where to go, and what was even “me”.  I was trying to find the definition of who I was but was looking in all the wrong places.

Where are you drifting?

Which of your spokes are uneven?  

Where are you unsure of what you want more of and where to focus?

Where is the leak in your tires that is beginning to make you feel uneven.

What are the spokes in your life?

Where are you with your friends, career, family, self care, finances, faith, or community, to name a few.

What are the circles around those spokes? What are your priorities, core values, passions, purpose, dreams, or goals?

Have you looked at how you want to live out those important areas of your life and the difference or impact you want to leave?

What if I told you that right now is the most important time in moving into tomorrow?

If I said it is more important than anything you did before?

Honestly?  I believe that when we have the clarity and know where we want to go and who we want to be, then we have the confidence to move through the uncomfortable because we know why it matters.

I know you’ve heard it so many times before, but ending a year and moving into a new year is a great time and intentional trigger to review and reassess where you are and where you want to be.

Keep your eyes open in the new year for a special Life Plan program to be launched!  We’ve got you covered and will be bringing you everything you need to design a plan that will help you live and lead as your best.

To keep your spokes balanced, and tires with the air to perform their best.