Think with me for a moment of one thing that you want to do, but you have never done.

What held you back?

Maybe fear of what you perceive as failure.

Maybe the uncomfortableness of change.

Or the unknown … something held you back.

Now what if you applied the power of the two words what if?

What if?

You can add almost anything to those two words.

What if you succeed?

What if it doesn’t work?

What if you can?

What if it turns out better than you ever imagined?


What if nothing changes?

I heard it said that the worst thing that can happen is that nothing happens.

Nothing changes.  I don’t think that is the worse thing at all.

You didn’t have it now, and you won’t have it then.

Would that be worth the risk of trying?

If you knew that you would be no worse off than where you are right now, would that be enough for you to try?

A friend and I were talking the other day and she shared that the two words “what if” were all she needed to make a huge change in her business.

Another friend shared with me that she had a big fear of one specific thing happening to her.  She decided to go through all the stages and answer that question in the context that each step happened.  She got to the end, and realized she would still be ok.

What is your what if?

What if one step forward would change your world?

What if you could change a relationship?

What if you could be your best you?

How would that feel?

My fear … my one thing, would be writing a book.

What if I actually started putting pen to paper (or finger to computer)?

What if I finished and submitted it to a publisher?

What if the publisher rejected it?

What if the publisher accepted it?

What if one person read it and it changed their life?

What if it didn’t go anywhere and I just had this typed manuscript sitting on my desk?

Honestly, I would regret not trying. 

I wouldn’t know the possibilities.

What if?

Those two words can change everything.

You can walk through all the scenarios and see that the possibilities are worth the steps forward.

Answering what if can help you take the bold and brave steps you have been sitting on.

This week I am going to begin my book.

What will you begin?

If you need help getting to the end of your what if questions, I would love to help.





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