That’s an odd title for a blog …

You know those statements that are short, very to the point, and sometimes seems a little hard? Well, this is one of them.

This statement has become a little bit of a theme with me because, well, it often just fits.

As a “spitfire” who is also a coach, it has become a line I use when joking but also holds all the seriousness in the world.

Let me ask you … how often do you continue to do something even though there is no logic to it, and you know you are not making a decision based on reality?

Maybe you –

  • have a fear of something you have never tried
  • refuse to try something because you have already decided it won’t go well
  • use the words “I can’t” before you even attempt something
  • adopt the narrative that it would never work well for you, so you stay put and don’t try
  • hold back in a friendship or relationship because you feel you aren’t “good enough”
  • never sign up because you won’t finish anyway

I think you would surprise yourself if you stopped and took the time to identify how often you really need to just stop it.

Stop holding yourself back. Stop the narrative that stops you.

I am a coach with a passion to empower and equip women to be their very best, with confidence.

I help women gain clarity, discover their big dreams they have kept quiet, and find the confidence to step forward to be their best.

But … sometimes it takes a “stop it”.

Sometimes we just need to move forward.

Every single time I get a needle I dread it. I have my mind all worked up that it will be terrible and I am literally shaking while I sit there and wait for it to happen. I am not sure what I think will happen, and it really doesn’t matter at all how big, or tiny, the needle is, the fear is the same. I shake my feet to try and distract myself and I look away.

And, every time I end up saying, “well that’s not as bad as I thought”.

Every . Time .

I should also mention that I have had many needles, so this is not a new thing.

I wonder what would happen if told ourselves ahead of time that it won’t be as bad as we think and we should just keep moving?

Tell ourselves to just stop it.

Fear comes from the unknown and if we act we gain the knowledge that we can, and our fear will diminish a little at a time.

I often say that clarity builds confidence, because we know where who we want to be, and don’t have to wait until we are “her” until we show up as “her”.

Momentum works the same way and also builds confidence.

Moving gives you the confidence that you can.

It gives you a track record.

To say, “that isn’t as bad as I thought it would be” and to keep going.

To stop believing the narrative that says you can’t, and start acting like you can.

I promise you, you will surprise yourself.

Next time you are feeling stuck in that space where you are standing, because you can’t imagine moving.

Tell yourself, “Stop It!”, and take the next step forward.

One bold step at a time makes for a life of courage that will change who you will be.

You’ve got this.

If you need to borrow some confidence, use mine in you until you have enough of your own.

Stop It!
Stop It!

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