Does clarity leave you confused?

I talk alot about how clarity builds confidence as it gives you the clear picture of where and how to move forward.

That is all true – but it is also not magic.

It is a journey … a journey of discovery, defining and redefining, and knowing your why.

I want to encourage you.  It doesn’t mean what you are doing is wrong and that there is only one way to move forward.

But rather, it is a growing forward.  

Clarity helps us to live in the alignment of what is most important to us and to filter opportunities and choices through those core values.

Clarity helps us to reframe the negative stories we tell ourselves to realize that as we take steps forward using the lens of what we know, we can see that we are qualified to show up as our best.  And the confidence builds.

The confusion comes from trying to be everyone to everybody, or to do all that we think will make us overcome that limiting language we so easily use with ourselves.

Sometimes we can feel confused because we think we need to take a specific path and we don’t see it yet.

But it is still a journey.  

We discover as we journey.  

We discover with each next step.

We filter with each step, and learn for the next one.

We filter, we align, we say yes or no, and we get clearer and clearer on who we are, who we want to be, and what our unique purpose is.  We define and redefine what is next.

What is different is that as you journey, instead of feeling like you are getting further off the path, you feel you are getting a clearer path.

Clarity gives you the framework to filter your journey through.  It helps you to see language that can be holding you back and how to shift it so you can boldly be who you were made to be.  It gives you the core values to filter decisions against, helping you know when to say yes and when to say no … and when to step out in an adventure to see.

Do you often feel confused because you have gained clarity and yet you can’t see exactly what path to take?  You thought it would be much more exact and you would have the answers you were looking for? 

I see the clarity often in what it helps you to see what not to do.  We still need to choose to say no, but when we can see our core values and understand our God-given potential we start to see that we were not made to be everyone.  We were made to live our unique purpose.

As an empty nester with a blended family It is so easy to lost in the feeling of not being needed,  It felt raw and so so different when the kids first moved out.  

It was a time for me to discover who I was and who I wanted to be.  You see, before that I was responding to what they needed because that was my why.

If you asked me who I was without my roles I couldn’t have given you an answer.

But I can now.

I know my core values now.  I know what I am passionate about.  I know how I want to love and how I want to serve.  I know what legacy and influence I want to leave.  

That doesn’t give me exact ways to show up each day, but it does give me the frame that builds my confidence and helps me to take each next step knowing I can.

I still need to set my intentions, to keep reframing my limiting beliefs, to have self-awareness on what those limiting beliefs are, and to put action to the things that are foundationally important to me.  That is why I built a membership community that could help each other as we journey.  Because it is a journey.

Clarity builds confidence.  

The confidence to take the journey of discovery and live our core values with passion and purpose.